Repair & Restoration

The underlying principle for any repair or restoration project at Stringworks Studio is to do as little as possible in order to make an instrument play as well and look as good and as historically appropriate as possible. The aim is always to have original parts or materials which are still functional and do not compromise the structural integrity or playability of the instrument stay with the instrument unless otherwise instructed by the customer.

Initial quotes are approximate, as even the most routine repair can offer up surprises. A detailed final quote will be given once an instrument is in the shop and has been thoroughly examined and assessed. As a customer, you will be kept up to date with information on any unforeseen complexities that may arise as repairs or restorations progress. Pricing is in accordance with professional regional standards. 

I have been repairing fretted stringed instruments professionally since 1995. Since a fortunate apprenticeship at National Reso-Phonic Guitars in San Luis Obispo, CA in the early 2000's, I have specialized in restoring vintage resonator instruments. Stringworks Studio is a National Reso-Phonic Guitars warranty repair shop. I also perform a healthy amount of repair and restoration work on non-resonator acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos and related fretted stringed instruments.

Distance does not have to be an impediment; customers ship their instruments to the studio from all across the country. 

Stringworks Studio is open to visits, drop offs and pick ups by appointment.