Mandolin & Guitar Lessons

If you are geared more toward learning by ear than from the page, or if you would like to improve your skills in learning by ear, then we are likely to be a good student/teacher match. I believe it is very important for a student of music to have a strong foundation in playing to the greatest degree possible by ear, using tablature or standard notation as a study guide and entry point, especially with the traditional, popular, and folk-based musical styles. I try to impart an understanding of very basic music theory without getting highly technical about it.

I play and teach in an array of styles that are based in traditional roots musical forms and sounds. The best way to know what that might mean would be to listen to some examples of what I've done and see if any of it strikes a chord as far as what you'd like to learn to play. There are some of these examples on the audio page of this site. as ever, most technical skills are highly transferrable to different styles. 

Students of all ages and levels are welcome, including absolute beginners. Students who are already competent players but who have particular skills they would like to acquire or improve upon are just as welcome. I generally teach on a weekly basis, but it is by no means necessary to have a lesson every week. We can decide on the frequency together, or you decide for yourself what sort of schedule works best for you.

I charge $20. for 1/2 hour lessons, $25. for 3/4 hour lessons, and $30. for an hour. If an occasional longer lesson is what works for you, we can work out a session fee individually. I ask for a 24 hour cancellation notice unless there is an emergency. If notification comes later than that, or not at all, I ask for 1/2 the cost of a lesson. 

I highly recommend bringing a portable recording device to lessons.